Alabama Home Builders and Gadsden State Graduate 11 Carpentry Students

The Alabama Home Builders Foundation and the Gadsden State Community College carpentry department had 11 graduates from a six-week Basic Residential Carpentry Certificate Program on March 16. Gadsden State is the first post-secondary school the Alabama Home Builders Foundation has partnered with since the inception of the certificate program in 2002.

Gadsden State offered carpentry classes free to the public on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from Feb. 7 through March 16 on the Valley Street Campus. The class meetings provided classroom instruction, theory and hands-on time in the shop lab for three-hour class meetings each evening.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Valley Street Campus in the carpentry department with Artemis Moore, director of the Alabama Home Builders Foundation, and Taylor Burton, past state president of the Home Builders Association of Alabama, presenting the certificates.

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Building Homes, Trade Partners In Alabama

Alabama home builders are helping high school students find careers in the trades in a program that’s paying great dividends – in both community recognition and finding the next generation of workers.

“With the housing market on the upswing and the construction workforce aging, there’s an ever-increasing need for qualified, skilled tradespeople entering the home building industry,” said Todd Slyman, past president of the Alabama Home Builders Foundation, which launched the program last year.

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Shelby County College and Career Center Offering Free Course

The Alabama Home Builders Foundation (AHBF) has partnered with the Shelby County College and Career Center to offer a basic residential carpentry course to adults in the area.
The class will teach the basics of residential carpentry such as safety, construction layout, reading blueprints, framing, window and door installation, siding and exterior trim.

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More Builders Report Labor/Subcontractor Shortages

A survey of single-family builders conducted by NAHB in June 2016 shows that shortages of labor and subcontractors have become more widespread than they were a year ago.

The survey consisted of special questions on labor and subcontractor availability that NAHB has periodically added to the instrument for the monthly NAHB/Well Fargo Housing Market Index. The questions have covered 9 key trades in a consistent way since 1996. Averaged across the 9 trades, the share of builders reporting either some or a serious shortage has skyrocketed from a low of 21 percent in 2012, to 46 percent in 2014, 52 percent in 2015, and now 56 percent in 2016.

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11 Steps to Creating a Simulated Workplace in the Classroom

Last year the Alabama State Department of Education launched its Alabama Simulated Workplace initiative to transform the culture of career and technical education (CTE) in the state with high-quality learning environments representing business and industry. Through the program, students engage in relevant curricula with opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials. The goal of the program is to have all graduates be college and career ready.

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