Plumbing & Pipefitting Program

The AHBF began this program in 2015. It is designed to help students understand the basic fundamental principles of plumbing and pipefitting which includes maintenance, repair and construction plumbing. We offer programs through various schools across the state. There are approximately 200 students enrolled in the program. Once students complete the program they will have enough hours to get the Plumbers Apprentice card. Courses offered at:
  • Shelby County Career Technical Educational Center
  • Tuscaloosa Career & Technology Academy
  • Elmore County Technical Center
Free Basic Residential Carpentry Certificate Course
Gain firsthand knowledge of essential basic construction skills in order to become a more qualified job applicant.
Together, we are helping more Alabamians become better qualified to enter the home building workforce. Underwritten by Alabama Home Builders Foundation and taught by NCCER-certified instructors, courses are offered at each of the following facilities:


  • Shelby County Career Technical Center
  • Limestone County Career Technical Center
  • North Baldwin Center for Technology
  • Gadsden State Community College
  • Northeast Alabama Community College
  • Chambers County Career Technical Center
  • Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies
  • AIDT in Birmingham
  • Anniston High School

Attendees Learn:

  • Fundamentals of using basic construction tools
  • How to read blueprints
  • Basic construction site layout
  • Framing, window and door installation
  • Siding, trim and finishes
  • Stairs and finishing work
  • Basic construction site layout
  • Importance of safety on the job-site

By the end of the course, students will earn a certificate of completion from the Alabama Home Builders Foundation and firsthand knowledge of essential basic construction skills to make them more attractive work candidates.

Classes meet two nights per week for eight weeks.

This course is FREE to attendees and is limited to fifteen students per course with a minimum of 12 registered students required.

Course Outline for AHB Foundation— Basic Residential Carpentry Program Course

Title:  Basic Residential Carpentry Program
2 nights per week (i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm – 8:00/8:30)
6‐6:45: Classroom/Theory
6:45‐7:00: Break
7:00‐8:30: Shop time, hands on

Week 1 – Basic Construction tools, Tape measure readings, Safety
Week 2 – Basic Construction Layout, Blue prints
Week 3 – Floor Framing, Wall Framing
Week 4 – Roof and Ceiling framing/cutting rafters
Week 5 – Window and door install, siding exterior trim
Week 6 – Interior trims and finishes
Week 7 – Stairs
Week 8 – Award certificates to graduates; meet and greet with local builders.

Program details and application information specific to each location can be found here:


For more information email the Foundation here or call 1-800-745-4222.



P.O. Box 241305
Montgomery, AL 36124-1305